About Ultimate Titanic

Ultimate Titanic has been been put together by a group of teachers and Titanic historians who aim to give OUR audience a clear understanding about RMS Titanic and the people and events that lead to her becoming one of histories most ironic and famous events and an ongoing piece of popular culture.

No writer of fiction, no matter how talented, could spin a tale similar to Titanic without it being dismissed as utterly fantastic and improbable. Rarely does a story so completely combine the elements of tragedy, drama,

mythology, morality play, and social statement. No other historical event has been subjected to so many revisionist interpretations in the quest to find some individual or institution to shoulder the blame for the tragedy.

Several factors contribute to the allure of the event. Among them:

The supreme confidence in a faulty technology

Big business' criminal priority of profit over safety.

The arrogant disregard of every possible warning of catastrophe.

The celebrity of Titanic's 1st class passengers.

Our primary aim is to inform students about Titanic through audio, video  and text without weighing them down in facts that are not immediately  important to understanding the facts, events and irony surrounding  Titanic. 

We believe we have built a unique site that meets this goal and will appeal to students and modern teaching practices.

Whilst Ultimate Titanic contains a wealth  of well researched and factual information about Titanic we do not  pretend to contain all the information about it and would recommend Encyclopaedia-Titanica for those that wish to take their thirst for detail and knowledge about Titanic to a far higher level of understanding.

Ultimate Titanic is an ongoing project that is forever growing and we would love to get greater information, feedback and understanding of what our visitors want from this site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@ultimatetitanic.com

we hope you enjoy the site.

Titanic History

The Titanic history is one that has fascinated people for 100 years now. On April 14, 1912, a ship that was the most luxurious and largest ocean liner in the world at the time hit an iceberg and sunk, killing more than 1,500 people. For a ship that was supposedly unsinkable, this tragedy is one that people have felt compelled to understand. Ideas about the sinking have ranged from conspiracy theories to captain error to poor construction of the massive ship.

 In order to find out all of the Titanic history that you want to know, you have to spend hours pouring through books and going from one website to the next. However, if you can locate a website that is dedicated to providing all of this information about the Titanic in one place, your task as a researcher will be much easier.

 If you are a history teacher who is instructing your class about the Titanic, you may be able to find educational resources and links about its history online. People who gather resources about the Titanic understand that even the youngest of American citizens are interested in learning more about what happened. To make the most of your teaching time, look for a website that has divided Titanic lessons according to age or grade.

 You may also be able to locate books and other memorabilia about the Titanic at a store that is dedicated to preserving its memory. With this being the 100th anniversary of the sinking, you are sure to find many remarkable items.