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Titanic:  Teaching Ideas and Resources

Below are a collection of lesson plans and teaching ideas based around theTitanic.  Many teachers will find the Titanic a great topic to teach as it offers a range of links to a number of curriculum areas and easily captures the imagination of all age groups.

We also have a collection of useful Titanic web links to educationally approved sites that your students will find very useful in completing a number of these activities.

If you know of any great Titanic learning resources please email us at info@ultimatetitanic.com and we'll post them up here.


Titanic Interactive

KLA’s Humanities, History           

Grades 3 - 12

Explore the Titanic like you never have  before, with interactive features about its construction, its ill-fated  maiden voyage and the survivors who lived to tell the tale.


Titanic Schemes of Work

KLA’s Humanities, History           

Grades 6 - 9

The Titanic scheme of work is currently in use in a number of Lancashire schools. It is aimed at Year 8 students but could easily be adapted for other Key Stage 3 years. It addresses Reading,  Writing and Speaking and Listening objectives and is linked to a  booklet of resources. The materials cover: the sinking, eye witness  accounts, a survivor’s story and the story of the SS Futility that sank  in similar circumstances. Students are asked to participate in a number  of varied activities. The resources come in the form of a colour booklet, ready for printing and/or modification (Word Doc.)


Tales of the Titanic" Teachers Guide

KLA’s Numerous     

Grades: All

The resources in this Education Kit have been designed to support learning about Titanic for a range of different learning levels and disciplines (please see the curriculum links on page 11 for more details). Included in the kit are the following resources in pdf format:


KLA’s Geography, History, Earth Sciences               

Grades 6 – 8

Overview:  In this lesson, students will consider the ways in which geography is not merely an academic discipline but also a field of study with interesting and practical applications. In this lesson, students will use geographical concepts to plan a fictitious investigation with Robert Ballard to search for a long lost ship


KLA’s Journalism, Research Skills, Social Studies,                               

Grades 3 - 6

In this lesson, students will learn that news writing is concise, factual, and informative by writing and publishing an article in a newspaper style using a word processing program.


Titanic Who was on board?  Problem Solving Unit

KLA’s History, Social Studies                             

Grades 5 - 9

This lesson uses the story of Titanic to open a window on to pre-First World War society.

It certainly was, for some, a glamorous time. Great wealth, which some passengers in the First Class accommodation on the liner did indeed possess, could buy leisure and luxury in new and different ways, of which trans-Atlantic travel was just one. But as the Titanic set sail, their world was heading for an even greater disaster than the sinking of the liner. In only just over two years time the First World War would sweep away millions of lives and shake the politics of their world to its foundations.


Unsinkable:  Thematic Unit

KLA’s Journalism, Expository Writing, Nonfiction Writing, World History 

Grades 6 - 7

In this thematic unit, children will explore the Titanic disaster, including the facts, opinions and myths surrounding this ever relevant and well known story.  They explore how its legacy is ‘unsinkable’ today and how it will be carried on in the future.


Make your own Titanic Movie

KLA’s Writing, Nonfiction Writing, World History 

Grades All

This is a resource students will love full of clips from the Titanic's construction, sinking and aftermath for students to organize in a film of their own.  It may not make a Billion dollars like James Cameron's version but a brilliant learning opportunity.


ScoilNet - The Irish Portal for Education Titanic Resources

KLA’s All 

Grades: Primary Students

Contains a bank of over thirty resources and activiries based around the Titanic construction which occurred in Belfast but also her sinking.  These activities are all aimed at primary and / or elementary students.

Titanic Integrated Studies Unit

KLA’s All               

Grades 5 - 12

An entire unit of work you could run for weeks based on the lesson ideas below.

 1. CSI Titanic: who died and how?
2. “Iceberg right ahead”: using quotes from Titanic.
3. Titanic online and interactive activities.
4. Titanic: recovery and conservation.
5. Titanic photo and image analysis: using pictures to read the past.
6. Titanic and Geography.
7. Titanic in numbers: Maths activities.
8. Titanic size.
9. Titanic ship design.
10. Australian stories.


KLA’s Journalism, Expository Writing, Nonfiction Writing, World History 

Grades 3 – 6

 Students will gain a new perspective when they step back in time to create their very own newspaper page filled with facts about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Prior to the lessons in this unit, students will have spent 1-2 weeks reading, listening to, and discussing expository material on the Titanic. In this unit, they assume the roles of reporters, editors, and even survivors in order to put together a comprehensive front-page newspaper report that alerts the world to the disaster. Although these lessons focus on the Titanic tragedy, they can easily be adapted for use with other disasters or world events you may be teaching about in your classroom.


KLA’s Literacy, History, Thinking 

Grades 3 - 6

After saying the word "Titanic," the students will brainstorm at least fifteen words/ideas/thoughts associated with the Titanic. Working in pairs, students will type their answers in to their word processors and save the results (These can be utilized at a later date).

Have students share their ideas/thoughts with the rest of the class.

After reading and examining  www.ultimatetianic.com The Tragedy Section, the students will be able to identify the emotions they felt and which of the five senses were used.


KLA’s Marine Archaeology , History                       

Grades 5 – 6

Students will be able to draw inferences about a shipwreck given information on the location and

characteristics of artifacts from the wreck.  Students will be able to list three processes that  contribute to deterioration of the Titanic.


Titanic Artifact Activity

KLA’s Marine Archaeology,  History, Civics and Citizenship

Grades 5 – 9

While the 1997 film provided moviegoers with an idea of the lifestyles  of the first, second, and third class passengers who sailed aboard the  ship on its maiden, and only voyage, the real stories and real artifacts  show a much richer picture of what life was like at the dawn of the  Twentieth Century.  With this activity, students will investigate the  lives and legacies of the passengers aboard the Titanic by analyzing  their stories and the things they left behind when the great liner sank.


KLA’s Physical Science

Grades 7 – 9


Students will be able to describe galvanic exchange and explain how it contributes to deterioration of the Titanic.

Given two dissimilar metals and information on their position in an Electromotive Series, students  will be able to predict which of the metals will deteriorate if they are placed in a salt solution.

Students will be able to list two other processes that contribute to deterioration of the Titanic


KLA’s Physical Science, Biological Science              

Grades 9 – 12

Students will be able to describe three processes that contribute to the deterioration of the wreck of Titanic.

Students will be able to define and describe rusticles, and explain their contribution to bio deterioration of Titanic.

Students will be able to explain how processes that oxidize iron in Titanic’s hull differ from iron oxidation processes in shallow water.


Titanic Writing Prompts

KLA’s Literacy, Writing              

Grades 3 - 9

A series of Powerpoint presentations designed to help students create diary entries.


KLA’s History, Literacy, Geography, Science          

Grades 3  - 9

These lessonscentre on photographs, pictures, written information and artefacts from three Titanic passengers. lady Duff-Gordon was a first class passenger, Elsie Doling, second class and Rosa Abbot, third class. The

underlying purpose is to compare the experiences of different classes of passengers by using original information. In part 5 the pupils can use this information in a creative writing activity, reflecting  the many fictional representations of Titanic. The lessons can be taught as a whole class activity, or the class could be divided into three  groups and take one survivor/ passenger class each - comparing findings at the end.


Hans Jensen Vs. White Star Lines

KLA’s (Literacy, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Research                      

Grades 5 - 9

This site gives teachers a way to use the interest generated by the movie to illustrate how the American judicial system works. It was designed for teachers and students to participate in a mock trial involving the tragic story of the Titanic.

The case involves true facts of the Titanic's maiden voyage which resulted in over 1500 fatalities.  This Teacher's Guide will help you prepare your class for the trial by covering such issues as  Assignment of Roles, Timing of the Trial Legal Issues  and  Skills.

Students need not be limited to just the facts presented on the website. They may add facts to their arguments from a variety of sources  as long as they are consistent with the  mock trial facts  as we have prepared it.  The story is based on actual people who were on the Titanic, but certain literary embellishments have been added, particularly as to what Hans Jensen did the night the Titanic sunk.  Since neither he nor fiance's male relatives survived  the accident to tell their story, we have created a plausible possibility of what might have happened to them that night.


KLA’s -  Numerous                     

Grades:  All

16  lessons for teaching the Titanic from passengers to buoyancy.  These lessons cover a large range of key learning areas and ages also.  They are fully downloadable as word documents also.


10 Life lessons learnt from the Unsinkable Titanic

There is some great stuff in here to prompt philosophical class discussions about Titanic's fate.




10 Life Lessons From The Unsinkable Titanic


Titanic - Teacher notes for James Cameron's Titanic Film

KLA’s Numerous              

Grades: Upper Primary and Secondary

Here are number of activities to help students explore the relationship between the historical Titanic and its cinematic representations:


Onboard the Titanic:  A Virtual Field Trip

KLA’s History, Science, Numeracy             

Grades: Upper Primary and Secondary


There she is — standing tall in the bright sunlight, her great shadow threatening to make even the most confident Edwardian feel insignificant. But those gazing up at the billowing smoke-stacks nearly 10 stories overhead know they live in a time of immense achievement and innovation. The times demand confidence

A confidence so bold as to declare the largest man-made seagoing object unsinkable.

Her size outside equals her magnificence inside: the grand staircase, rooms wrapped in mahogany paneling, etched-patterned mirrors, elegant leather-covered chairs, shimming crystal on pure-white linens and meals fit for the King himself.

You have waited months in anticipation and finally the day has come — you are about to set sail on the Titanic.

To begin your journey, click on one of the silhouettes and follow the path of an actual passenger who traveled on theTitanic. You won't know who you are or if you survive until the fateful night.


Titanic for Teaching English:  High School and Adult Learners

KLA’s Literacy, History            

Grades: Secondary, Teriary, Adult Education.

Broad learning outcomes
• Design, plan, develop and review projects (from simple to complex).
• Research, analyse and produce spoken and/or written texts (from simple to complex).
• Develop ICT skills – on-line research, document formatting and writing (from simple to complex).
• Develop teamwork skills in a community of inquiry.

• The impact of science and technology on social development and practices.
• Understanding current issues by exploring the past.
• Search for truth through multiple perspectives.
• Th e value of human life.
• Human behaviour – biological and cultural forces.
• Social histories – everyone has a story to tell.
• The development of Occupational Health and Safety.
• The world of work.


Lesson Plan Titanic Launch Ticket

 KLA’s History, Literacy                         

Grades: 3 - 6


1. To use different types of evidence to find out about the past eg written and visual evidence

2. To recognise that events in the past have helped shape who we are and how we live today

3. To identify continuity and change across a period of time

4. To ask and answer questions, and to select and record information about the past


Building the Titanic:  An interactive Timeline

KLA’s History, Literacy, Science, Maths                                

Grades: All

Your students will really love this timeline as it shows in pictures and video the various stages of the Titanic’s construction.  It really focuses on the skills and hard labour that went into building her.


The Grave of Titanic

KLA’s Maths, History                                 

Grades: 3 - 9

The grave of Titanic explores the data and statistics about Titanic to analyse and draw conclusions from.


Titanic The Artefact Exhibition: Teachers Guide

KLA’s Numerous

Grades: 3 - 6

This Teacher’s Guide features a variety of methods and projects for those educators who strive for differentiated instruction in their classrooms. While learning about Titanic, students can analyse primary sources, explore history through music, perform historical reenactments, sharpen their geography skills, and i nd connections to the Ship’s story within their own communities and families.


Titanic Homework Task



Titanic by Jermaine Monero

View more presentations from stanley

Titanic Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Titanic in 3-D

On Board the Titanic - Follow in the footsteps of actual passengers.

The  Titanic at History.com - Videos, interactive timelines and photo galleries.

Treachery on the Titanic - Interactive treasure hunt to teach facts about the Titanic.

Titanic Powerpoints - Several powerpoints about the Titanic and other disasters.

Titanic Powerpoint Presentation

Mapping Shipwrecks! - Immersion Learning
Arrange images to make a photomosaic of a shipwreck then zoom in to explore the wreck.  One of the shipwrecks featured is RMS Titanic. 

Titanic Moviemaker - Immersion Learning
Combine video clips of Titanic and the wreck to create your own movie.

Adventure on the Titanic - Interactive Game - National Geographic
In this strategic online game, survival is all about choices. Journey aboard the Titanic as a first-class passenger and complete quest cards while exploring the decks to gain clout. Click on the "White Star" flag emblems during the game to learn more about actual people and places on the Titanic.

Titanic Interactive - History.com
"Explore the Titanic, with interactive features about its construction, its ill-fated maiden voyage and the survivors who lived to tell the tale."

A Titanic Timeline, 1909-2012 [Interactive] - Scientific American
Scroll and click timeline showing key moments in Titanic history.

Morse Code Translator
Type in a message and listen to it play in Morse Code. Options for "Text to Morse" or "Morse to Text"

Boys' Life Morse Code Machine
Test out your Morse code skills with two games: "Listen and Guess" or "Morse the Letter" in this Boys' Life online game

Titanic Printable Activities

Titanic Display Posters and Banners

Make your own paper Titanic:  This model builds into a 1:1200 scale waterline replica of Titanic and is approximately 9 inches long when complete. 

Titanic  Cloze Activity

"Tonight  on the Titanic" Crossword

Crossword puzzle to go with "Tonight on the Titanic."

"Tonight  on the Titanic"  Wordsearch

Word search puzzle to go with "Tonight on the Titanic." 

Titanic  Worksheets

Over 20 Titanic printables including, word searches, crossword  puzzles, etc..

Titanic coloring in sheets.

A load of great Titanic images for younger children.


Useful websites about Titanic

Extensive website containing Titanic passenger and crew biographies, information about the ship, Titanic pictures, articles and ongoing discussions about the Titanic disaster

National Museums Northern Ireland Titanic Website offers a treasure trove of information focusing on the design and build of the ship as well as personal stories and many photographs and videos

Father Browne SJ Photographic Collection - Father Browne was a first class passenger on the Titanic from Southampton to Cobh. This picture library shows his photographs, one of the most important collections of images from the Titanic's maiden voyage.

The National Archives (UK) informational website includes a selection of images as well as a timeline, passenger stories, videos, podcasts and education resources

RMS Titanic, Inc, a subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions, Inc has recovered over 5,500 artifact during research expeditions. The website provides information on traveling exhibits and artifacts. Explore the wreck site with the interactive photos and videos available in Expedition Titanic section.

Immersion Learning, a nonprofit science education organization, offers a nice "Return to the Titanic" online page as well as pages about other ocean related topics. Don't miss the neat Titanic themed games. View the links section in Return to the Titanic for other Titanic website recommendations.


PBS Lost Liners website includes information presented by Dr. Robert Ballard about five lost liner archaeological expeditions: Lusitania, Titanic, Empress of Ireland, Britannic and Andrea Doria.