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100th Anniversary of Titanic to Be Marked with Special Cruises

By Jason Gallagher | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, Jan 10, 2012


Of all the newsworthy travels in the history of the travel industry, perhaps none is as famous at the voyage of the Titanic. As USA Today reports, 2012 is a special year for Titanic because the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the colossal ship will take place on April 15. Not to let the anniversary pass without any type of notoriety, at least three separate cruises will honor the Titanic.

What cruises are scheduled for the Titanic?

The MS Balmoral will depart from Southampton, England, on April 8, and follow the exact route the Titanic followed to New York; however, as Titanicmemorialcruise.co.uk states, that particular cruise is sold out. According to the website, a mini-cruise will also depart Southampton, with stops in Liverpool and Belfast, which are two important cities to the Titanic. However, a third cruise will depart April 10 from New York, exactly 100 years after Titanic sailed from Southampton.

What activities will take place on-board?

According to MSNBC, experts will be lecturing on various Titanic topics. As the article indicates, a few of the lecturers have personal ties to Titanic. In addition, menu items that were prepared on Titanic will be served on the new cruises, as AOL Travel reports. As the MSNBC article indicates the cruises were designed to replicate the experiences of the passengers on the original Titanic. In addition, the report states 1,309 passengers will be on the MS Balmoral, which is the same number the Titanic carried.

What is taking place to honor the victims of the disaster?

The MSNBC report states both ships will make stops in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to visit the cemetery dedicated to unclaimed victims of Titanic, and both will make stops above the final resting place of the ship in the Atlantic Ocean as well. However, the article also states passengers will also be allowed to honor the memories of family members in their own way.

Are there any other Titanic related events?

The 100th anniversary of the tragedy will be marked in several different ways. According to SFGate.com, perhaps the most notable nontravel related Titanic event is the April 6 release of a 3D edition of the classic "Titanic" movie, and an auction featuring 5,000 artifacts from Titanic will also be held on April 11. Between the auction, movie and special cruises, 2012 will be a special year for family and friends of any victims or survivors of the disaster.

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